At Ultimate Bathroom Renovations we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our products and the care and attention we lavish on every job and especially on every client. It doesn’t matter how big or small your bathroom project or budget is, or whether you are looking at safety as your main concern, what matters is that we exceed your expectations – every time – that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our workmanship.

To help you even more we are delighted to offer a 10% discount to seniors, Canadian Forces, Commercial, Veterans Affairs, and Department of Community Services.

Our skilled team of technicians and estimators service Halifax and the surrounding areas and we are proud members of The Nova Scotia Home Builders Association, The Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association, The Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia and The BBB.

“Our Vision is to provide the most exceptional Bathroom Remodelling experience available in our marketplace from design to completion.”

Meet the team

Gerald Kelly, Owner and Operator

Prior to starting his own business, Gerald had a highly successful career in the communications industry as a leader in business development, management and sales. For more than 10 years he honed his business and leadership skills through experience in the field, as well as through continuing education and targeted courses. As a very self-motivated and goal oriented individual, an entrepreneurial pursuit was a natural next step.

In 2007, Gerald purchased Bathmaster, a Canadian owned franchise. It was a solid company with a basic, effective, high quality product. As a small business owner, Gerald executed every aspect of the business. Not only did he drive the business, but he worked in the field, as the sole installation technician. He had many satisfied clients due to his very strong work ethic and his drive for excellence. His creative and enterprising spirit led him to that point in which he wanted to offer his clients more options. This included custom designs, and a much wider range of product choices, from basic to high end and specialty. His business grew and evolved away from the franchise, through two name changes, and eventually became Ultimate Bathroom Renovations, independently owned and operated.

Gerald maintains high expectations of himself and his team and he is committed to putting out the best possible product and service to his clients. He has the ability to fully visualize and manifest creative projects. He derives great satisfaction in seeing a project through from conception to completion. His natural ability to design and build are also reflected in his love for home projects and landscaping. Gerald is a family man and loves the comforts of home, but he is also a passionate and successful hunter and heartily embraces outdoor adventure, whether that is in the woods or out on the road on his motorcycle.

Kirk Campbell, Office Manager

Kirk is the friendly face that will greet you as you enter our showroom. He is our team member that puts everyone in a good mood and he cares about your experience as a customer. He has an infectious positive attitude and will readily address your needs and questions. Kirk comes to us with a 20 year array of experience in customer service and office administration.

Having spent many years working for the NB government, as well as in the insurance industry, with high risk clients in particular, Kirk brings his valuable problem solving and organizational skills to the team. Kirk’s drive is that he cares very genuinely to make a difference in the lives of others. He appreciates quality work and quality attitude, and brings it daily, whether it’s for the team here at UBR or for each person that walks through our doors. He embraces the philosophy, ‘Choose your attitude, play, make their day, and be there.’ Kirk has two small dogs that he adores and will proudly sport a tee that commands ‘Be the person your dog thinks you are.’ He is inspired by art and the people who make it, helping people whenever he can, and he appreciates loyalty and bringing your personal best daily. As a additional note, it may come as no surprise that Kirk is a roller coaster enthusiast. In years past, ‘chasing’ roller coasters, finding the highest or fastest to experience, was a joy filled pastime.

Rick Giles, Project Manager

Rick joined Gerald in 2010, and the Ultimate team was born. He is a true Haligonian, born and raised, and his integrity and strong core values reflect this. He is a family man with a great work ethic, and he takes pride in this. Before joining the Ultimate team, Rick owned his own car detailing business.

He brings his incredible attention to detail, persistence, and greatly honed skills to every renovation project. In fact, one of Rick’s driving forces is his desire to continually improve his skills. His philosophy is, “I have always made sure that the customer feels that they have received the better end of the transaction and that alone has been my key to success.” Rick truly enjoys putting his efforts into making something old new and beautiful again. Time and time again, clients are impressed not only with his excellent work, but also his respectful, kind, and confident nature. When Rick is not busy building you a gorgeous bathroom, you can find him spending time with his family, or working on cars, or coaching youths who are just learning the sport of curling.
Matthew MacDonald, Technician

Matt is our master of reglazing and has been with the Ultimate team since 2012. He is a very committed team member who is courteous, dependable, experienced and skilled. Don’t let his easy-going nature fool you, he is a perfectionist with an excellent work ethic.

Due in part to his extensive background in sign building and repair, Matt brings a skill set that includes great attention to detail in every aspect of a project, from start to finish. He keeps the job site in good order and he has a sharp eye for problem solving. He is the kind of person who is not afraid to ask questions, rather than assume. He is motivated to make his jobs look spectacular and to leave a client feeling more than impressed. Meeting the client’s needs first and foremost is a job well done to Matt. Matt also enjoys working on personal projects around the house and playing the drums.
Darcy McGrath, Technician

Darcy joined the Ultimate team in the fall of 2016. He is a valued part of the team as he brings many years of experience in home construction and knowledge on a wide array of renovations. His background includes work as a flooring and tiling expert, as well as an ambitious carpentry professional.

He has exceptional finished carpentry skills, and Darcy is also highly trained in electrical and plumbing. Darcy has an easy-going nature, a creative mind, and he enjoys focusing on the task at hand. These assets combined create mastery in the moment. He stays open minded to incorporating new and better ways of performing a task. Customer satisfaction and his personal creativity are what motivate Darcy. He also has a special talent for photography which he shares online via his Flickr page…and one more detail about Darcy, he is vegan.