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Tub Replacements

Tub Replacements

Upgrade your bathroom effortlessly by swapping out that outdated tub for a fresh, modern design paired with a sleek wall surround at Ultimate Bathroom Renovation. We’re all about bringing your vision to life in a way that’s as unique as you are.


Our extensive palette of colors, styles, and materials is at your disposal, allowing you to fully customize your project. Whether you’re leaning towards a trendy, contemporary vibe or a more classic look, we’ve got the options to make your bathroom transformation truly yours.


Say hello to a bathroom that reflects your personality and style, where the perfect combination of current design and personalized touches creates a space you’ll love. Trust Ultimate Bathroom Renovation to bring your bathroom dreams to life, seamlessly blending professionalism with a touch of humanity. Your dream bathroom is just a project away!

Tub Replacement

$5600.00 + HST 

• Acrylic soaker style bathtub

• Eurostyle waste and overflow kit

• Classic acrylic wall surround

• Two custom fit acrylic corner shelves

• Pressure balanced tub / shower fixtures

• Crescent shower rod

*** Above price is meant as a general cost to complete the project described.
*** An in-home consultation is required to provide a final cost.
*** Limited lifetime warranty available

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Our Communication Process

Our process kicks off with an in-house design consultation, where we sit down to understand your vision, preferences, and unique requirements. It’s not just about renovating a bathroom; it’s about tailoring the space to reflect your individual style and needs. We believe that the key to a successful transformation lies in collaboration, and your input is invaluable every step of the way.

Once the design is locked in, we embark on the exciting journey of sourcing an extensive range of top-notch products and materials. Our commitment to quality ensures that your bathroom isn’t just renovated; it’s elevated with the finest materials that stand the test of time. We bring together functionality and aesthetics, creating a space that’s not only beautiful but also practical.

The final and perhaps most exciting phase is the installation, where our skilled team executes the plan with precision. We understand that attention to detail is the key to a successful renovation, and our professionals ensure that every tile is laid, every fixture is installed, and every element is in place with utmost care.

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