Ease into your day.

Going from a laying position to standing one can be on of the most difficult motions to make. This award-winning ergonomic trapeze handle will help you sit up and help get up from bed.

A difficult motion made easy.

Likes rungs on a ladder, the SuperTrapeze has two offset hand grips allow you to climb up to a sitting postion in a natural and ergonomic way.

SuperTrapeze™ on a blue background
Superpole Jackscrew Adjustment

Clean, easy and straight forward Installation.

Easily install and take down the SuperPole in minutes by simply adjusting the jackscrew. No drilling required!

Tech Specs

Alloy steel
Anti-microbial powder coat paint (white)
Weight Capacity
300lbs / 136kg (no more than 150lbs / 68kg should be exerted on the trapeze system)
Rail Diameter
1.0" / 24mm
Trapeze Arm Length
17" / 432mm
Strap Range
3-29" / 762-737mm
Limited Lifetime Warranty