SuperPole™ FRS

SuperPole™ FRS

Commercial-grade support.

The SuperPole FRS Pole is a floor mounted support pole that is specially designed and manufactured for care facilities. Placed in the washroom, beside a care bed or in common areas, the SuperPole FRS provides assistance for those requiring support when sitting, standing or transferring.

Quick and easy.

Staff can install or remove in 60 seconds. The support pole is placed into a floor receptacle, flush with the floor surface to reduce trip hazards.

No trip hazards.

When not in use, the SuperPole FRS can be removed and the floor receptacle is sealed with a liquid tight cap.

Tech Specs

Pole Diameter
Pole Height
Floor Receptable
3.8" x 1.9" diameter
Concrete Slab Depth
6" minimum depth
Alloy Steel
Weight Capacity